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Rod and Danette Larkin

We  Have Lost 160 Pounds With The Shaklee 180 Plan!

Rod joined Shaklee when he was 21 years old to build a part-time business to earn extra income. In just 8 months, his part-time Shaklee income surpassed his full-time income. Rod said goodbye to his corporate job as a sales and marketing rep for a national company and Shaklee became his home-based business career since 1980. "I've been a stay-at-home dad for my 5 terrific kids! Soccer game at 2 PM on a Wednesday-- no problem!" As an extra bonus, Shaklee products help keep everyone healthy in our family, almost all the time!

Rod met Danette in the fall of 2003. Danette was an office manager for a Chiropractor with a large practice at the time. "We married, Danette quit her job, and we are stay-at-home newly weds and we love the freedom of choice we have in our scheduling and time together." We are so blessed to have our new extended family of 7 healthy children and 7 active grandchildren in our lives!

We are our own boss, set our own hours, work hard when we want to, and play hard when we want to. Our Shaklee business gives us the CHOICE to own our own life- ALL the time, rather than someone else owning us for 8 to 12 hours a day. Our commute to work is short-- less than 10 feet from our bedroom to the office! Most days, we never have to set the alarm clock. We love this way of LIVING! Best of all, there are no limits to the amount of income we can earn. YOU get to determine how big your checks are!

Having your own successful home-based business can provide YOU with the TIME FREEDOM and a LIFESTYLE that most people only dream about. Our dream became a reality with Shaklee, and yours can too!

We strive to provide our customers with excellent service, support, and information. We strive to provide our business associates with excellent leadership, training , and coaching. You can build your own Shaklee home-based business, not alone, but with our help and support. WE KNOW HOW TO DO IT. That means we can teach you too!

If you're ready, we're ready to help you start your own successful Shaklee business. Click on the CONTACT US link, or call our office at 1-989-344-1306

We would love to make YOUR dreams come true!

Rod and Danette Larkin